Texas Economic Development Connection
Texas Economic Development Connection

Looking for a better place to grow your business? 
We help those businesses find the right place in Texas to expand or relocate. When this happens, their business Grows and Texas Benefits.
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We Know Texas

For more than 30 years our team members have helped companies expand or relocate to Texas. We'll take the time to get to know you and your needs to help you find the communities that could be a good fit for you and your business at no cost to you.

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2. Based on your information, we issue a request for proposals (RFPs) to our partners on    your behalf (which is no cost to you) and under a code name.

3. We collect the RFPs and send them to you for review.

4. At this stage of the game, you can choose to have us continue helping you coordinate communications with the communities or you can contact the communities directly. 

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A History of Service in Texas

About Dave 
A fifth-generation Texan, Dave Quinn, CEcD, is a seasoned Certified Economic Development Professional, delivering a wide range of consulting, training, and coaching services for economic development agencies, small businesses, and their executives. He is the Managing Partner for Day One Experts, an on-demand economic development and small business consulting firm.  Dave and his team provide proven results in a fraction of the time and cost.  

Why Texas ED Connection?
Dave founded Texas ED Connection to help out-of-state businesses connect with community partners across the State of Texas and their economic development teams. He is on a mission to help reduce the cost and stress for small business owners who've made the decision to move or expand into the Lone Star State. Dave knows Texas and wants to help others find their new business home in Texas. 

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Super Dave Quinn of Day One Experts

 "Super" Dave Quinn, CEcD

Managing Partner and Chief Inspiration Officer

Welcome Neighbor 

With a single contact, you can access the economic development industry in Texas. Get proposals from several communities willing to provide you with financial assistance to relocate your business by merely answering a few qualifying questions. Mount up today and become a Texan.

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Texas Manufacturing

Our resources make Texas a natural leader in petroleum and chemical manufacturing; our research institutions have fostered computer and other high-tech manufacturing; and our business-friendly environment and skilled labor have nurtured a burgeoning automotive manufacturing sector. 

Texas Talent 

Our civilian workforce of more than 14 million is further bolstered by new residents, as Texas leads the nation in population growth for 10 straight years. The ideas, innovations and skills of this workforce will help your company propel to next level of success. Let us help you find the talent pool you need to succeed.        

Economic Incentive Support

Our team of experts knows the Texas Economic Development landscape. 

They are well versed in the economic incentive market place. Let us guide you in finding your next home in Texas and secure the financial assistance needed to make a move to Texas.

Location Guidance

Moving can be challenging and expensive. And Texas is a big state. Let our experts provide the market intelligence needed to help you limit your risk and maximize your ROI when deciding where to locate in the Lone Star State.   


With a single contact, you can access the entire economic development industry in Texas. Get proposals from several communities willing to provide you with financial assistance to relocate your business by merely answering a few qualifying question